Premium energy drink packaging


A new energy brand

Kigo is a new energy drink powered by natural caffeine and fruits. Kigo asked us to develop innovative packaging to help launch their brand. They were interested in our 250ml sloping neck mineral bottle, but were primarily concerned with how decoration could be used to bring the brand to life.


Intricate design work

    Kigo had a very intricate and funky design, so we had to use a decoration method that really highlighted this. Kigo were initially interested in labels and shrink sleeves and after showing them the finished RK Vodka bottles (see this case study here*) shrink sleeving was selected. It allowed the entire bottle to be decorated, increasing its impact on the shelf and with greater scope for creativity as the area holding the design is so much larger.


Adding a window

After testing the sleeves for colour and clarity of detail in the design, we suggested including a window so the consumer could see the natural colour of the drink.

This added another unique element to the Kigo packaging that worked well with their original design.

"Rawlings were a natural fit with us, they were proactive and made things happen. The level of their experience shows when you deal with them, and the fact that we could get this project done without having to commit to very high numbers was impressive. I don’t think we would have received this level of service from anyone else, they took care of everything."


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