How to re-invigorate sales

How to re-invigorate sales Photo

Coca Cola has recently launched two million unique labels with colourful designs on its Diet Coke bottles. Unfortunately they are only available in Israel; but if they were available in the UK, we bet you would already be thinking about getting one, even if you weren’t that fussed about the drink inside?

By temporarily changing the design, Coca Cola are generating increased attention both on and off the shelf - which has already led to a 2% hike in sales. But are consumers really that easy to influence? The answer for the most part is yes, and Coca Cola is more than aware of this. Think about their latest summer campaign. By adding names to their bottles Coca Cola created a massive amount of buzz. However, the real benefit came from grabbing the attention of customers in shops, allowing Coca Cola’s products to shout louder than the competition. One small design change has allowed Coca Cola to increase its sales over an entire summer period.  

You can also take advantage of this, and you don’t need to be a muiti-billion dollar company to do so. With Rawlings labelling options, you could refresh your branding for a limited time, with minimum cost and fuss; helping to maximise shelf coverage and exposure over any holiday or promotional period.


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